Income Forecasting and Quota Management

Pursue achievable objectives

Enhanced production forecasting leads to more effective quota management. For agencies that represent multiple insurance brands, it's crucial to pursue achievable objectives rather than chasing unrealistic high returns. When agencies have well-defined targets, they become more motivated to achieve those goals.

By employing predictive analytics, our team of data scientists generates forecasts for your most significant specialty lines, while our rule-based forecasting team incorporates the power of experience into your predictions for smaller lines. Accurate forecasting can be challenging when dealing with a vast amount of data, especially when planning on a monthly basis for each agency and predicting over 360,000 data points with just 2,000 agencies for 15+ specialties.

Our Revenue Forecasting & Quota Management Suite gathers previous production data and combines it with external factors such as macroeconomic indicators. In collaboration with your channel management teams, we also incorporate goals as input when calculating targets for newly onboarded agencies with limited or no sales data.

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Dynamic Agency Commission Management

Dynamic Agency Commission Management

Risk Management for Engineering

Risk Management for Engineering

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Dynamic Pricing for

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Amodo Telematics,

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Financial Portfolio Management

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Market Acoustics - Next Best Action Suite

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Unleashing your data by our innovative solutions helps you increase the validity of the supply-demand balance planning by accurate estimation.



In this hostile and demanding environment, we help you shift to profitability by optimizing your stocks and managing competition.

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