Team Extension

Gain quick scaling and continuity with our talented IT force

Outsource your IT project to JForce for the outstanding results

Your company will obtain advantageous business results by utilizing Jforce to provide IT-enabled operations, applications, and infrastructure.

JForce team extension, which also involves software-as-a-service and cloud-enabled processes, will assist you in forming sourcing strategies and objectives, picking the correct IT providers, creating ideal contracts, and overseeing deals for prosperous long-term partnerships with external vendors.

Our clients are able to benefit from outsourcing via JForce by reducing expenses, shortening the time-to-market, and taking advantage of external assets, knowledge, and intellectual property.

Why Team Extension?

You Need a Timeline With Visible Outcomes

Thanks to our experience, we can quickly provide precise guesses about both the entire length of the IT project and the outputs that will be achieved during the allocated period.

You Want to Keep a Close Eye on The Costs

Our predictions regarding resources are as reliable as the deadlines we set. All your expenses and outlays will be assessed beforehand and monitored closely.

You Require Feature Supervision

Our IT experts will make sure that you can define the set of features you anticipate to get and take into account each relevant aspect.

Your Team Should Focus on Their Core Business

By choosing JForce, your IT personnel will be released from extra development duties and allowed to concentrate entirely on your company's main objectives.

Your Organization Needs to Look Outside For Varied Expertise

Internal teams may not possess certain abilities or even the whole set of abilities for growth and upkeep. This is where JForce's product development services step in.

You Wish to Assign Responsibility to A Reliable Vendor

Utilizing JForce's delivery system will give you access to a reservoir of external knowledge so that you can reduce any risks and sidestep any issues.

Benefits of Team Extension

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Minimal internal contribution

JForce will take on the responsibility for the success of your project, which implies that your organization and its in-house team will not have to spend much time and effort.


Fast deployment of extra products

If you need to extend the functionalities of your main software or require a wide range of extra products, then our experts are ready to go.

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MVP delivered promptly

For startups, it is essential to release their MVP on time and within the allotted budget. Jforce will take care of this in a comprehensive manner to ensure accuracy.


Efficient implementation of straightforward projects

If you are working in a steady market where the customer requirements are clear, JForce will help you get the desired results without delay, effortlessly, and cost-efficiently.

What Differs Jforce Outsourcing

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Effective Communication and Workflow

JForce speaks in your language and our work procedure coincides with your workflow throughout the project.


Standardized Cyber Safety Protocols

Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance for all of our projects. We follow the most recent security protocols to keep all data and software products secure.

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Top Notch IT Personnel

With JForce outsourcing you will meet with world-class IT talent. It is our job to form a team of the best software engineers from the area and build the most excellent possible product for you.


Time Zone Similarity

Operating in like time zones is certainly advantageous when organizing meetings and managing collaborative workflows between your outsourced JForce team and in-house teams.

Increase in business agility​

Substantial Experience

Testimonials, prior customers, and realized undertakings are a testament to the excellence of JForce. All of these will give you a better understanding of our skills and standard of work.


Comprehensive Range of Offerings

JForce is expert in a broad scope of areas and will have the option to manage your project from a comprehensive and profoundly knowledgeable perspective.



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