API Management & Security Middleware

Ensure the safety and organization of APIs

Our API Management & Security Middleware Solution helps users to secure and manage their APIs across multiple cloud and on-site environments throughout the entire lifecycle. This solution provides a user-friendly experience to create, secure, socialize, and monetize APIs, allowing customers to utilize digital applications and accelerate innovation. It is offered as a service on Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a highly flexible and fully managed API management platform.

Benefits of API Management & Security Middleware

Easy to use functionalities

Easy to use functionalities

Utilize APIs with a user-friendly interface and a software developer portal with self-service attributes that empower developers to promptly execute their API plan across its entire lifecycle.

Adaptable deployment

Adaptable deployment

Employ JForce API wherever your apps and information are located - in the cloud, on-premise, or across any mixed environment.


Exceptionally secure API exposure

Feel assured knowing that Jforce utilizes a reliable, corporate-level API gateway to oversee cyber-security risks and assist in preserving your data across multiple cloud platforms.


Dependable structure

Adapt the background components to meet service-level agreements and securely manage and preserve services across all endpoints with a microservices-based architecture from JForce.

Key Features of API Management & Security Middleware

  • JForce API solution can be utilized to ensure safety, control, and logging of API communication and activities, and to back up containers while preserving system capability.
  • The user-friendly API manager user interface can be used to manage APIs for internal purposes or to generate revenue from external services as REST or SOAP APIs. 
  • Through a company-specific portal, you can give app developers access to your APIs. They can search for and subscribe to APIs, and also register and deploy applications.
  • With JForce API solution, you can acquire the necessary resources for the formation, development, and testing of APIs, and then make them available to the public



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API Management & Security Middleware

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