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Welcome to JForce's Price Optimization solution for the general insurance industry. Our cutting-edge platform empowers your insurance company to set competitive and profitable premium rates, tailored to your unique business needs. By leveraging advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and deep industry expertise, we enable you to make data-driven pricing decisions that maximize revenue while minimizing risk exposure.

The JForce Price Optimization platform takes into account various factors, such as customer demographics, risk profiles, policy coverage, and market trends, to generate optimal pricing strategies. Our solution allows you to segment your customer base, identify the most profitable segments, and adjust pricing dynamically in response to changing market conditions. With JForce's Price Optimization, your insurance company can strike the perfect balance between attracting new customers, retaining existing ones, and maintaining a healthy bottom line. Trust our innovative solution to help you stay ahead of the competition and deliver outstanding value to your customers.

Our General Insurance Solutions

Dynamic Agency Commission Management

Dynamic Agency Commission Management

Risk Management for Engineering

Risk Management for Engineering

Dynamic Pricing for Insurance

Dynamic Pricing for

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Amodo Telematics,

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Market Acoustics - Next Best Action Suite

Market Acoustics - Next Best Action Suite

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We are ranked among the best providers in EMEA region




Change your bank’s approach to develop more significant customer bonds and generate fresh business expansion prospects.



Drive your insurance company forward with our tailored solution packages for a wide variety of next generation insurance products.


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Shift your service quality covering the demands and expectations of citizens with seamless online transactions.



Unleashing your data by our innovative solutions helps you increase the validity of the supply-demand balance planning by accurate estimation.



In this hostile and demanding environment, we help you shift to profitability by optimizing your stocks and managing competition.

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