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Solve your complex data security challenges

As your organization's data presence grows over many different scenarios, partners and endpoints, the potential for security risks also increases. Criminals looking to take advantage of security weaknesses put confidential and important data in danger. Ensuring the security of your data, which is a primary element for every business activity, is essential to a zero trust security approach.

Data protection solutions, which can be used on site or in a combined cloud, give you more visibility and understanding to search and fix digital risks, impose immediate controls and carry out regulatory compliance.

Jforce supports businesses in overcoming the constraints of having centralized single data protection solution for physical servers, virtual servers(on premise, cloud or hybrid) edge devices and email archiving. This allows our clients to have centralized and consistent implementations of data protection solutions. It prepares them to face upcoming data ptrotection, data archiving, ransomware protection and new regulatory standards at the most reasonable total cost of ownership. Our sophisticated data protection, encryption, ransomware protection, deduplication, backup replication , and data protection on demand solutions empower our customers to shield and maintain control of their data in any location – in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid IT environment.

Benefits of Data Protection


Safeguarding data from current dangers

Gain assurance of secrecy, reliability, and accessibility when shielding your business from the continually-changing data security atmosphere

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Reinforce Security and Regulatory Compliance

Satisfy regulatory and ideal practice criteria for keeping data secure with tested, high-efficiency, and adjustable data security products.


Diminish Overall Expense

Cut down operational expenses and capital outlays while maximizing staff effectiveness and output with the range and depth of Jforce products and services.



Discover and utilize AI, ML, RPA, BPM, low-code/no-code tools, and iPaas


Streamline your business for simplicity increasing service quality

Business Rules

Apply your instructions to processes, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors

API Management & Security Middleware

Connect completely different products and services through a common layer

Data Sciences & Data Management

Bring the role of data into full play by effectively acquiring, storing, processing

Data Center

Seize the day by consolidating systems, workflows with innovative solutions

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