Data Sciences & Data Management

Foster swiftness and proficiency with comprehensive data control

We provide data science assistance to enable you to trial your data in the pursuit of business intelligence. Taking advantage of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning technologies, we offer data science guidance to meet all of your most demanding analytics requirements.

Jforce's data management capabilities enable companies to accomplish better results by utilizing any data for analytics and applications on any cloud, whether it be on-premises, public, or private. With JForce, businesses can attain robustness, dependability, versatility and accessibility with safety and excellence. Furthermore, they can obtain more from their multi-mode, multi-cloud data ecosystems to boost the readiness of their organization for data management.

Benefits of Data Sciences & Data Management


Increase speed and productivity

Utilize data for up-to-date applications, analytics, and AI. Recognize novel forms and styles to enhance processes and develop fresh offerings.

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Streamline and unify data layers

Gain benefit from any transactional, operational, and analytical data. Gain access to both structured and unstructured data instantly and in batches.

product and services

Promote business resiliency, dependability, and expansibility

Foster commercial continuity and reduce data-related lapses. Begin with a small scale and increase across use cases and deployments.

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Attain governance, risk, compliance, and sustainability goals

Adopt a data-based technique to satisfy regulatory, corporate, and environmental requirements. Shield data confidentiality and safety from start to finish.

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Mechanize and control your data

Decrease intricacy and accelerate the rate of value through automated data management. Enhance decision-making and act on insights more rapidly with AI-powered self-service.


Hasten deployment and avoid lock-ins

Collaborate with IBM to organize data ecosystems. Put into practice business analytics and conversation

How does JForce manage data?

Information handling is a concept that crosses multiple different areas. Companies need an aligned method to data that includes pre-combined, open, and thorough data management tools. Explore the core components of data management and take your organization along the path to becoming a business that is powered by data. We handle each and every aspect of data including the following areas.

  • Database management – Retrieve, store, and maintain info to assist businesses in increasing their value.
  • Master data control - Help business and IT staff to collaborate and come up with fresh ideas with a dependable, all-encompassing outlook of master data across the organization.
  • Data quality - Purify information, organize it, and provide better decision-making.
  • Data integration - Convert structured and unstructured data from diverse sources into a reliable, unified view accessible to any system.
  • Data governance - Comprehend and regulate all corporate data to reduce risk and promote insights.
  • Data virtualization - Have a single overview of disconnected data without data transfer.
  • Data lake – Secure and manage very large data volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in its natural format.
  • Data warehousing – Offer business intelligence and analytics projects with a cloud data warehouse.
  • Data migration - Hurry your journey to hybrid cloud with simplified tools and professional services.
  • Data science - Construct and streamline models to uncover insights from data.



Discover and utilize AI, ML, RPA, BPM, low-code/no-code tools, and iPaas


Streamline your business for simplicity increasing service quality

Business Rules

Apply your instructions to processes, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors

API Management & Security Middleware

Connect completely different products and services through a common layer

Data Sciences & Data Management

Bring the role of data into full play by effectively acquiring, storing, processing

Data Center

Seize the day by consolidating systems, workflows with innovative solutions

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