Virtualization Solutions

Isolate your IT resources from users

Virtualization offers a great deal of advantages to data center operators and service providers. Before the existence of virtualization, each application server necessitated its own particular dedicated Central Processing Unit (CPU). IT personnel would buy and configure a distinct server for each application they desired to operate. IT preferred one application and one Operating System (OS) per computer for dependability reasons. In general, each physical server was underutilized.

Virtualization through VMs makes it easier to manage policies that are written as software. This allows the creation of automated IT processes. Security policies can be put into place which are based on the role of the virtual machine and this can also help increase resource efficiency by terminating unused VMs and cutting down on the amount of computing power necessary.

Various techniques that can be utilized to attain isolation involve the sharing or combining of computer resources. The main purpose of virtualization is to create a barrier between the user and the resources, thus forming a logical partition.

The common components of these programs delivering services in distinct areas are security and ease of administration. Virtualization solutions allow for the most effective use of existing resources as well as enabling rapid recovery of systems in the event of a catastrophe.

Jforce helps you utilize server virtualization. We are also competent in virtualization of  other IT infrastructure elements such as desktop, network, storage, data, application, data center, CPU, GPU, Linux, and cloud.

Benefits of Virtualization


Server virtualization lets you run multiple applications, each on its own Virtual Machine (VM) with its own OS, on a single physical computer without compromising reliability. This allows the most efficient use of the physical hardware's computing capacity.

Manage easily

Automated tools for deployment and configuration allow IT personnel to create collections of applications and VMs as services in software templates. This gets rid of the need for manual setup which is time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes.

Reduce downtime

Reduced periods of inactivity: System and program failures can result in inactivity and thwart user efficiency. Admins can run numerous redundant virtual machines simultaneously and shift to another one if any issue arises. Using multiple redundant physical servers is more expensive.

Rapid deployment

Purchasing, assembling, and setting up hardware for each program is time-consuming. Provided that the hardware is already available, setting up virtual machines to run all your apps is much quicker. You can even automate this process using management software and incorporate it into existing procedures.

Why JForce Virtualization?


Cut your IT costs

automate--modular--management kopya

Minimize outages and bolster your ability to bounce back from calamitous events


Boost performance and output

multitask 2

Manage autonomy and DevOps


Make the switch to being more ecologically and organizationally conscious.



Discover and utilize AI, ML, RPA, BPM, low-code/no-code tools, and iPaas


Streamline your business for simplicity increasing service quality

Business Rules

Apply your instructions to processes, increasing efficiency and minimizing errors

API Management & Security Middleware

Connect completely different products and services through a common layer

Data Sciences & Data Management

Bring the role of data into full play by effectively acquiring, storing, processing

Data Center

Seize the day by consolidating systems, workflows with innovative solutions

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