Smart Underwriting for Life & Pension

Accelerate Decision-Making and Enhance Profitability

Our Smart Underwriting solutions revolutionize the life insurance and pension underwriting process, leveraging advanced technologies to optimize decision-making, reduce costs, and enhance profitability. We provide tailored IT tools that automate underwriting tasks, incorporate data-driven insights, and streamline the entire policy lifecycle, enabling you to stay ahead in the competitive life and pension market.

Experience the Benefits of Our Smart Underwriting Solutions

  • Automated underwriting processes for increased efficiency
  • Accurate risk assessment using data-driven insights
  • Customized pricing strategies based on individual risk profiles
  • Faster policy issuance and improved customer experiences
  • Enhanced profitability and business growth

Ready to Transform Your Life & Pension Underwriting Process?

Contact us today to discover how our Smart Underwriting solutions can revolutionize your life insurance and pension underwriting processes and drive growth in your business.

Empower your underwriting teams with the power of Business Rules

Automation. Thanks to IBM Decision Center infrastructure now all rules are governed by business teams and IT requirements are down to a minimum. There is no need to wait.

Let our SMEs engage with your Underwriting teams and customize our Life Underwriting Templates to your needs, so that the Life Insurance UnderWriting  process is always accurate, auditable and transparent.

Scope Of Governed Rules

  • Cover Authorisation Limits
  • Smoking Habits
  • Extreme and Adrenaline Sports
  • Company Ownership and Financial Risks
  • Age, Gender
  • Income, LifeStage
  • Body Mass Index
  • Medical History, Existing Illness
  • Residency Address
  • Expat information
  • Occupational Risks
  • ReInsurance
  • Economic Sanctions
  • FATCA Rules
  • Product Based Specific UW Rules
  • Existing Policy Controls
  • Previous UW Decisions
  • Claim History

Our Life Pension Solutions

Life Insurance Risk Assessment

Life Insurance Risk

JClaims for Health

JClaims for Health

JPayment Gateway

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Ready to Transform Your Life Pension Operations and Drive Growth?

Contact us today to discuss your life pension IT needs and discover how our team of experts can help you optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and drive growth in your life pension business.

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