Seamless, efficient, and successful claim handling process

The claim handling process involves numerous facets that demand the integration of digital business automation features, such as process management, robotics, scanning and capture, document and archive management, third-party integration, rule management, and reporting.

By utilizing the IBM Digital Business Automation suite, we address all your requirements for a seamless, efficient, and successful claim handling process.

Scope Of Solution

  •  Omni Channel First Notice of Loss Receival
  • Rule based loss assessment customer steering
  • Expert scoring and evaluation, Rule based Expert Selection
  • Risk evaluation and Vendor Selection
  • Business teams management and routing
  • Documents Scanning and Labeling
  • Digital Document Management and Integration with Other Systems
  • Labeling and Archiving of Physical Files
  • Case Management for Lawsuits and Recourse
  • Mechanics & Part Vendors Performance Monitoring
  • Integration with salvage management Systems
  • Management Dashboards

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Dynamic Agency Commission Management

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