Business Rules Automation

Manage complex business rules

Jforce Business Rules Automation helps you analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions. Our solution can authorize a loan, decide on promotional offers or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization.


Being able to save time, higher profits, enhanced productivity, augmented efficiency, reduced errors, standardizing procedures, keeping track of activities, adhering to regulations, providing exceptional customer service, and becoming more capable of expanding are some of the advantages.


Features of Business Rules Automation

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Simple and effortless to handle

Interfaces enable users to rapidly create, develop, and analyze decisions.

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Support for intricate decisions

Numerous customers have utilized Jforce Business Rules Automation for their most challenging applications.

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Preinstalled testing and simulation

Testing and simulation facilities help users confirm business logic against precisely described use cases and essential performance indicators.

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Numerous deployment options

Deployment is available on Red Hat® OpenShift®, Certified Kubernetes, application servers, embedded in Java® code, compute grids, z/OS or SaaS.

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Role-based authorization management

Participants can take part in developing, updating, dispatching and controlling rules.


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Built-in governance process

Business decisions can be scaled using built-in governance and alteration management facilities.

Benefits of Business Rules Automation

React rapidly to changes in the market

Personalize and contextualize customer experience, modify loyalty plans or devise new offers. Amplify the speed and precision of decisions.

Facilitate business processes more swiftly, reliably and on a large scale

Automate authorizations, handle claims, expedite onboarding of staff and customers, diminish costs related to non-conformity and safeguard against credit losses.

Maintain regulatory compliance with proof of how decisions were made for auditing



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