Our Quality Policy

JFORCE; to create values above the expectations of its customers while providing its customers with products and services that enable them to achieve their business objectives;

  • To establish a quality management system in accordance with international standards and to ensure its continuous improvement,
  • Meet the requirements of all interested parties with a clear understanding,
  • To deliver projects on time and professionally in line with the needs of customers,
  • Contributing to the training of our customers in the use of new technologies,
  • Providing a profitable return to customers (ROI – Return On Investment) by focusing not on the product portfolio but on the solution that meets their needs, while protecting their existing investments to the maximum extent
  • To be a company that can offer its own products or services
  • To continuously improve the quality of its products and services,
  • To provide quality service with qualified employees,
  • Putting customer trust and satisfaction ahead of any return

Committed to comply with legal requirements.